Load King Mill Size Baler

Load King Mill Size Baler

The HD-6030 baler helps minimise equipment downtime by using hydraulic components.

The unit produces 1000 lb bales to minimise transportation costs by 15% or more over standard mill size balers.

The baler is certified by a national testing laboratory to meet or exceed the standards for baler safety established by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI Z245.5).

Safety features include:

  • UL listed control panel (complies with National Electrical Codes)
  • Double press-head restraint provided by retaining bolt and cable reduces the risk of injury
  • Safety interlock switches that shut down baler if all doors are not in a safe
    operating position
  • Heavy-duty door wheel lock providing for controlled chamber door opening
  • Hazard warning labels that meet OSHA specifications for hazard identification labeling
  • A counter-balanced feed door that allows for easy movement, and baler shuts down when not in a safe operating position

Other features include:

  • Twin 10-in. structural-steel cylinder support beams with 3/8-in. steel plate reinforcement in critical press area
  • Chain-and-sprocket design for feed door
  • Counter-balanced feed door
  • Large, counterbalanced “dogs” to hold materials down after the compac-tion process, providing denser bales
  • Automatic bale sizing for more consistent tent bale weights
  • Safety interlock switches on feed gate and chamber door
  • Heavy-duty door wheel lock for controlled opening of the chamber door
  • Case-hardened tubing door hinges
  • Press-head and chamber floor constructed with 6-in. structural steel.

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